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     The Original Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu, the "School of the Willow Heart" or "School of the Willow Spirit," presumably founded by Akiyama Shirobei Yoshitoki, a physician from Nagasaki, is one of the Edo-period Jujutsu schools that is best known here in the West. This style or Ryu dates back to sometime before 1671. Yoshitoki felt that the Jujutsu techniques he had learned were not sufficient in number, so he retreated to Tenmangu Shrine, where he devoted himself to meditation for one hundred days, during which time he developed 303 techniques of his own. One snowy day when Akiyama Yoshitoki was still on retreat in Tenmangu Shrine, he happened to notice a willow tree on the shrine grounds. Despite the recent heavy snows, this willow, unlike some of the other trees on the grounds, did not have even a single branch broken. The willow branches simply yielded and allowed the snow to fall off; then the branches sprung back with great force, thereby saving the tree. This yielding principle was not only understood to be an essential element of the warrior arts of ancient Japan, but have been perfected through there test of time to the present.
  • Master Nate Wesner
    Master Nate Wesner
  • MASTERS: Steve Ellis, Nate Wesner, and Jeff Moore
    MASTERS: Steve Ellis, Nate Wesner, and Jeff Moore
  • Long Sword Disarm
    Long Sword Disarm
  • Headlock Escape
    Headlock Escape
  • Rear Naked Strangle
    Rear Naked Strangle
  • Outside Reap
    Outside Reap
  • Cross Bent Armlock
    Cross Bent Armlock
  • Evading the throw, with Master Jeff Moore.
    Evading the throw, with Master Jeff Moore.
  • Springing Hip Sweep
    Springing Hip Sweep
  • Body Block from a Kick!
    Body Block from a Kick!
  • (Leg) Triangle Choke
    (Leg) Triangle Choke
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